Ph.D. Minor

Please note that only current Stanford students are eligible to apply for Ph.D. Minor in Computer Science.

Important Information to Ph.D. Minor Applicants

For a Ph.D. minor in Computer Science, a candidate must complete 20 units of Computer Science work level 200 or above except for the 100 level courses listed on the Ph.D. Minor Worksheet attached below.  These units must include 3 of the Computer Science Master's core courses to provide breadth and depth.  One of the courses must include a significant programming project. All courses must be taken for a ''letter grade'' indicator of 3.0 or better. 

Ph.D. minor applications are accepted year round.  The application form must be approved first by your current department and then turned in to the Computer Science Graduate Admissions office, Gates 196 for approval.  Your official transcript and a copy of candidacy form must be attached to the application form when it is submitted.  The application for Ph.D. minor is submitted at the time of admission to candidacy and a faculty representation from the Computer Science department (CS faculty, Courtesy CS faculty, Joint CS faculty count) on the University oral examination committee is required. When you are ready to defend, a copy of your University Oral Examination form must be submitted in person to Gates 196 or via email to (Please note that the Ph.D. minor is processed for conferral by CS department.)

If you have any questions with regards to the Ph.D. minor in Computer Science, please send an email to

Ph.D. Minor application forms can be downloaded here.

Please see the Ph.D. Minor Worksheet below. 

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