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Phone Office
Salman Abdullah   salman [at] cs.stanford.edu
Grace Abraham   grace23 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Thomas Dean Adams   tdadams [at] cs.stanford.edu
Olayinka Adekola   oadekola [at] cs.stanford.edu
Barry Migott Adera   migott [at] cs.stanford.edu
Jonathan Affeld   jaffeld [at] cs.stanford.edu
Solal Afota   solal [at] cs.stanford.edu
Abhinav Agarwal   abhinav [at] cs.stanford.edu
Yatharth Agarwal   yatharth [at] cs.stanford.edu
Harshal Agrawal   aharshal [at] cs.stanford.edu
Israel Agundis   iagundis [at] cs.stanford.edu
Rehaan Ahmad   rehaan [at] cs.stanford.edu
Diego Mitsutaka Ahmad   dahmad1 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Lorenzo Ahn   siwooahn [at] cs.stanford.edu
Koye Alagbe   koyealag [at] cs.stanford.edu
Zahra Albasri   zalbasri [at] cs.stanford.edu
Raul Alcantar   raulalc [at] cs.stanford.edu
Haile Alemneh   halemneh [at] cs.stanford.edu
Ammar Alinur   aalinur [at] cs.stanford.edu
Ruslan AlJabari   ruslan [at] cs.stanford.edu
Yasmine Alonso   yalonso [at] cs.stanford.edu
Connor Alvarez   dconnora [at] cs.stanford.edu
Grace Alwan   galwan [at] cs.stanford.edu
Mihir Anand   mihirana [at] cs.stanford.edu
Kavin Anand   akavin [at] cs.stanford.edu
Sheden Andemicael   sheden [at] cs.stanford.edu
Noah James Anderson   noaha [at] cs.stanford.edu
Will Anderson   w06334467 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Mona Anvarihosseinabad   monaavr [at] cs.stanford.edu
Elias Applebaum   eapple25 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Harviel Kyle Arcilla Arcilla   karcilla [at] cs.stanford.edu
Xavier Arguello   xavi1999 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Anthony Argyropoulos   aargy [at] cs.stanford.edu
Javokhir B Arifov   javokhir [at] cs.stanford.edu
Lara Arikan   arikan [at] cs.stanford.edu
Luis Arizmendi   larizmen [at] cs.stanford.edu
AJ Arnolie   ajarno [at] cs.stanford.edu
Pauline Arnoud   parnoud [at] cs.stanford.edu
Mehul Arora   mehularora [at] cs.stanford.edu
Rushil Arora   rushila [at] cs.stanford.edu
Carolyn Asante - Dartey   casanted [at] cs.stanford.edu
Anna Ascheman   anna12 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Faizan Asif   faizan [at] cs.stanford.edu
Derek Askaryar   askaryar [at] cs.stanford.edu
Atem John Aguer Atem   atemjohn [at] cs.stanford.edu
Mark Athiri   athiri [at] cs.stanford.edu
Michael Atkin   mjatkin [at] cs.stanford.edu
Aanika Atluri   aatluri [at] cs.stanford.edu
Yarency Avelar   yarencya [at] cs.stanford.edu
Arman Aydin   aaydin [at] cs.stanford.edu
Matthew Louis Ayoob   mayoob [at] cs.stanford.edu
Victoria Ayres Ibarra   toria [at] cs.stanford.edu
Emmanuel Ayumba   eayumba [at] cs.stanford.edu
Ramya Ayyagari   ayyagari [at] cs.stanford.edu
Delali Azamati   delali [at] cs.stanford.edu
Jared Azevedo   jaredssm [at] cs.stanford.edu
Nasrullah Babar   nbabar [at] cs.stanford.edu
Elizabeth Theresa Baena   ebaena [at] cs.stanford.edu
Leena Bahrami   bahrami [at] cs.stanford.edu
Philip Baillargeon   pabaill [at] cs.stanford.edu
Manya Bansal   manya227 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Michelle Bao   baom [at] cs.stanford.edu
Yannick Camilo Barron   yannick2 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Abranette Barry   abarry15 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Alahji Barry   alahji [at] cs.stanford.edu
Adam Barry   adamjb [at] cs.stanford.edu
Nirvik Baruah   nirvikb [at] cs.stanford.edu
Bilguunzaya Battogtokh   zaya [at] cs.stanford.edu
Eric Bear   ericbear [at] cs.stanford.edu
Naama Bejerano   naama [at] cs.stanford.edu
Isaac Bevers   isaacbevers [at] cs.stanford.edu
Nathan Bhak   nbhak [at] cs.stanford.edu
Kiran Bhat   kvbhat [at] cs.stanford.edu
Akanshya Bhat   akanshya [at] cs.stanford.edu
Mari Bigolin Groff   mbgroff [at] cs.stanford.edu
Jasmine Selin Bilir   jbilir [at] cs.stanford.edu
George Birikorang   george25 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Julia Biswas   jubiswas [at] cs.stanford.edu
Nikhil Boddu   nboddu [at] cs.stanford.edu
Naomi Boneh   naomicyb [at] cs.stanford.edu
Francesca Bottazzini   fbottazzini [at] cs.stanford.edu
Alex Boulton McKeehan   alekxos [at] cs.stanford.edu
Thomas Boyden   thomasb3 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Henry Bradley   henryab [at] cs.stanford.edu
Blake Jefferson Brandon   bbrandon [at] cs.stanford.edu
Shimea Bridgewater   shimeab [at] cs.stanford.edu
Raphael Brosula   brosular [at] cs.stanford.edu
Olivia Bruvik   oliviabruvik [at] cs.stanford.edu
Amelie Buc   abuc [at] cs.stanford.edu
Deveshi Buch   deveshi [at] cs.stanford.edu
Hung Manh Bui   hung0411 [at] cs.stanford.edu
Callum Jan Burgess   callum [at] cs.stanford.edu
Jordan Byrd   jbyrd [at] cs.stanford.edu
Michael Byun   mbyun [at] cs.stanford.edu
Jack Harris Cable   cablej [at] cs.stanford.edu
Kenneth Alexis Cabrera   cabrerak [at] cs.stanford.edu
Zachary Cadiz   zcadiz [at] cs.stanford.edu
Tracy Cai   cpcai [at] cs.stanford.edu
Malina Nafula Calarco   malinac [at] cs.stanford.edu
Felipe Calero Forero   fcalero [at] cs.stanford.edu

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