CS Resources

The Gates Building

The CS Department is located in the Gates Computer Science Building on Serra Mall near the Campus Drive West intersection. The building address is 353 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, CA 94305. Note on mail: Incoming students should have mail and packages sent to their residence address until they are assigned to a Gates office. We do not have the capacity to hold mail without a specific Gates room designation.

Computers & Email

I. Computers

The CS Department has a networked workstation for each person with an office. For all CS students, the department provides a Linux server called Xenon for general use, including e-mail and web browsing, but not for class work. For more information, see: http://cs.stanford.edu/csdcf/policies/xenon-student-account-policies.

Students involved with a given research project (including most Ph.D. and some Masters students) generally move most of their activities onto machines owned by the research group. Every Ph.D. student can pretty much expect to have a research-group workstation on his or her desk at least by the second year. Such machines generally give better response and more available disk space than can be obtained from Xenon.

For class work as well as general use, the University provides the Leland machines, which are Unix/Linux workstations and servers of various kinds. For more information about these machines, see: http://www.stanford.edu/services/unixcomputing/which.html. A myth cluster is located in Gates basement in room B08.

II. Stanford and CS User IDs and E-mail

Your University username is known as your SUNet ID, and you use it to log onto the Leland machines and various Stanford web pages, such as stanfordyou.stanford.edu and axess.stanford.edu. Your Stanford e-mail address will be in the format of xxxx@stanford.edu where xxxx is your SUNet ID. That address will be valid as long as you are a Stanford student.

As a CS student, you get a CS ID and an e-mail address in the form of yyyy@cs.stanford.edu where yyyy is your CS ID. Please go online at https://cs.stanford.edu/webdb/csid/ on or after September 15th to request a CS ID. We generally recommend that you choose a CS ID that is the same as your SUNet ID. If you graduate from the CS department, current policy allows you to keep your CS e-mail address permanently.

Your CS e-mail MUST be forwarded to the computer where you read your e-mail, e.g., xxxx@stanford.edu orwwww@xenon.stanford.edu or zzzz@gmail.com. It should not be left as yyyy@cs.stanford.edu. You can update your CS e-mail forwarding and other information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) in the CS database at http://cs.stanford.edu/pedit.

Here is the slide presentation of CSD-CF